Develop and provide quality, holistic health care and education to our predominant rural population in a sustainable manner.


Establishing a comprehensive teaching and training facility for ayurvedic medical practitioners.

Admitting and educating students; especially from the local rural areas; for the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Sciences medical degree.

Institutionalising healthcare quality and delivering students capacities to deliver holistic healthcare along with allopathic systems of medicine.

Providing an enabling environment to students, staff and faculty alike to express themselves in the areas of their core competencies.






Non – discriminatory


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Chairman’s Message

My father Shri. S.S. Jambagi was a visionary, compassionate human being and a born philanthropist and always dreamt of providing quality education and healthcare services to our local population. His observations stemmed from the fact that the area was bereft of good education and health care facilities in this border district area of North Karnataka. His resolve turned stronger when I trained to become a general physician.

My own upbringing in the growing years in this area opened my eyes and also provided me a wealth of opportunities to cater to the local population and surrounding villages with whom I enjoy a great goodwill and rapport.

My father’s dream and resolve and my own grit and determination turned into a reality in the year 2002 when he passed away. This I thought would be the greatest way to honour and remember my father and his dream of providing education and healthcare. Hence I dedicated this Rural Ayurveda College to the local community. I had by then practiced for 10 years after qualifying as an allopathic physician and had married a fantastic human being, my dutiful wife, who was a trained obstetrician and gynaecologist. Incidentally and fortunately, although our core expertise was divergent our aim was convergent and hence we were able to put our energies together and develop this institution. We hope and aspire that this beginning will eventually become a centre of excellence in this area for quality medical education in Indian Systems and provision of holistic healthcare.

The well-established Ayurveda medical college has all facilities to learn with fully equipped and state of the art classrooms and an endowed clinical facility to practice Ayurveda in a holistic manner. It is well supported by a dedicated library & information centre, good internet connection, transportation and nutritious food and located in very quaint and serene surroundings and so nestled in the lap of nature that helps learning a pleasurable experience. The faculty and support staff is the best in the business in this part of the state and have immersed well in our mission.

Emphasis is duly given to overall development with sports, literature, co-curricular and extracurricular activities being encouraged. My own obsession with sports and physical activity has really guided me and provided the needed evidence to encourage overall development.

During internship, the students are exposed and encouraged to put theory into practice by posting them to ICU, OPD,and other cross specialities so as to have a good practical experience and develop as a complete professional.

It is with a lot of pride that our first batch of doctors graduated in May 2015 with flying colours. They are taking back fond memories,experiences, and excellent knowledge of medicine. I would suffice it to day that “The sprint is over but the marathon begins” and end with the words of Robert Frost “there are promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep”.